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In the Mood For… Birthday Bombast

Michael Stipe can suck it. January 4th is the birthday of three cool chicks: Ann Magnuson, Barbara Rush, and (why yes indeed!) myself.

It’s also a generally fortuitous day. Below, a flier the exact night before my birth (January 3rd, 1987… and in San Francisco, at that!), the brutality clearly foreshadowing the epic culmination of my bearing the next morning.

jan 3 punk flier

And here’s another one on my birthday:

jan 4 punk flier

So, what about Ann Magnuson and Barbara Rush? Ann Magnuson is a woman I have admired for many, many years. She’s an artist, actress, nightclub performer, and was generally involved in all kinds of crazy antics in downtown NYC during the late ’70s and early ’80s.

ann magnuson djing

ann magnuson lady wrestling night
[Lady Wrestling Night!]

ann magnuson with deb o nair

ann magnuson

Barbara Rush is an actress I recently discovered when a friend showed me the brilliant TV series The Outer Limits. We watched the episode “Forms of Things Unknown,” and Barbara Rush plays the demure but nerve-y character Leonora. She was also in It Came From Outer Space. Barbara Rush is precisely 60 years my senior. She and I actually have several other strange connections too.

barbara rush 2

barbara rush fotu

barbara rush outer

barabara rush outer space

Sooo, what am I going to do since it’s my birthday? Take the day off work, (obviously) day drink at my favorite SF dive bars, and have a sleepover with my 4 bffs while watching 2 of the all-time greatest movies: Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and (nvr sry) Clueless. Oh, and probably listen to the Birthday Party, ’cause, yeah you know.

I’m also excited to be making my glorious return to the airwaves this Saturday after two weeks off. Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio is Saturday nights from 10pm-midnight on Radio Valencia!

2 comments on “In the Mood For… Birthday Bombast

  1. Jay
    January 4, 2013

    Well, the day before you were born I WENT to that Circle Jerks/Wasted Youth show on the On Broadway (!). The Dayglo Abortions didn’t play, though – it was some speedpunk band called Dissent or Anarchy or something like that…..Happy Birthday BTW.

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