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Arts Bombast: Mary Beth Edelson

Ever a sucker for ’70s-era feminist art, I’ve been getting into Mary Beth Edelson lately. I can’t really get behind some of her new age-y, reclaiming-the-Goddess works, but these cheeky collages depicting female artists in place of “founding fathers” and other glorified male groups are totally my jam right now.

Women Artist 003
[Some Living American Women Artists]

edelson happy birthday america
[Happy Birthday America]

edelson bringing home the evolution
[Bringing Home the Evolution]

edelson death of the patriarchy heresies
[Death of the Patriarchy- Heresies]

edelson death of the patriarchy
[Death of the Patriarchy- A.I.R.]

Looking closely at some of the faces in these reappropriated scenes is really fun. More from Edelson here.

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