Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB Radio #23 and #24

I’ve been really shitty about posting the podcasts for my female-fronted punk radio show lately. Here are two recent editions of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio, broadcast from Radio Valencia in SF’s Mission district.

rab amy and the angels
[Amy and the Angels]

RAB Edition #23: Mom and Pop Democracy:

No Thanks- Fuck Everything
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- Baby Doll
Au Pairs- We’re So Cool
Amos and Sara- Sexy Terrorist
Plasmatics- Won’t You
The Gits- Drinking Song
Delta 5- Make Up
The Slits- Instant Hit
Cocadictos- Juan Pablo II y Amigos
Girlschool- Kick it Down
X- I’m Coming Over
Gymslips- Face Life
White Lung- Therapy (Song for Chad)
Your Funeral- Handsome Young Man
Sado Nation- Mom and Pop Democracy
The Brat- Leave Me Alone
The Avengers- I Believe in Me
Aunt Sally- To Frank
Studebakers- Muscle Girls
Atztussis- Bullen
The Dishrags- Bullshit
Icon A.D.- Cancer
The Vaselines- Molly’s Lips
Potty Mouth- Girls XL
Castration Squad- Sheila
Snatch- Second Rater
Destroy All Monsters- Evil Works
7 Year Bitch- Gun
Hans-A-Plast- For ne Frau
Big in Japan- Don’t Bomb
Malaria!- Kaltes Klares Wasser

girlschool rab
[Girlschool… yeah I went there.]

rab jim jacoy
[Photo by Jim Jacoy]

rab edith nylon
[Edith Nylon]

RAB Edition #24: Mentally Disturbed

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon (Intro)
Infect- Homofobia
The Comes- Medium
FUAL- Beautiful Princess
Vs.- Magnetic Heart
8-Eyed Spy- Love Split
No Bone- Bicycle
Devil’s Dykes- Fruitless
Amy and the Angels- I Hate Being in Love
Gorilla Angreb- Soldat til Leje
All Girl Summer Fun Band- Charm Bracelet
Conflict- Listen to the Noise
Bizkids- Something Going On
Chalk Circle- Easy Escapes
Pink, Plastic and Panties- Bla-Bla
Unit 4- Rules
[3-second recording of DJ Aistray creepy laughter]
Johanna Went- Mosquito
The Ankh- Before Success
Ludus- Too Hot to Handle
The Petticoats- I’m Free
Tribe 8- Butch in the Street
Gotterflies- Hippie
Hagar the Womb- Cardboard Theatre
Androids of Mu- Pretty Nun
Phobia- Pretend You’re Not Crazy
Edith Nylon- Hydrostle
The Nixe- Mentally Disturbed
Egoslavia- Girls Without Trying
Bright Girls- Hidden From History
Not Moving- Behind Your Pale Face
Vice Squad- Coward
The Pandoras- Nobody
Lucrate Milk- Kick Your Ass
The Gymslips- Valley Girl
Y Pants- Love’s a Disease
Enemy- Want Me
Fastbacks- Never Heard of Him
Suicide Squad- New Kids Army
Hans-A-Plast- Man of Stone
Barchen Und Die Milchbubis- Egal
A-Gen-53- Lila
Trummerfrauen- Gelkreuz
Plastix- Geschlechtsverkehr
Malaria!- Your Turn to Run
Sporten Ar Dod- En Pistol Och Glass
Your Funeral- Handsome Young Man
Vktms- Midget

rab siouxsie and girl

(Posting the recent disco edition soon too, I swear.)

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