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Lit Bombast: The City is Ablaze

Add it to my Christmas list. Karren Ablaze has compiled the Ablaze fanzines from 1984-1994 into a book, called “The City is Ablaze!: The Story of a Post-Punk Popzine.” She covered a helluva lot of indie, punk, and DIY bands from the era. The book includes reviews, interviews, and even letters from folks like Morrissey and Thurston Moore.

You’ll find big-name rock bands (Nirvana! Pixies! Sonic Youth!) but also smaller and more experimental acts. Some of my favorites are fIRHOSE, Huggy Bear, Rapeman, Dog-Faced Hermans and UT. Part of me wants to get ahold of a couple SELECT zines from the collection instead of the book, which you can apparently do HERE.

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