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Noisegasm: White Lung

Fancy that: The fine fellow from dark/obscuro Swedish music blog Invisible Guy interviewed me for the 12th edition of Harvesting. If you haven’t had enough of my ramblings and recommendations for things like no wave, record labels, and female-fronted punk, go ahead and read the whole thing here.

And now to the important matter at hand: White Lung is easily my new favorite band. And possibly my favorite new band. (As in, HEY! They’re not from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s or ’90s.) Their most recent LP is last May’s “Sorry.” If you like noisy garage rock, post-punk, or Canadians, I highly suggest you take a listen to the single from that album, “Take the Mirror”:

White Lung also has a brand new self-titled 7″ from their Europe tour this year. You can find it at the group’s bandcamp site. But my favorite material (hands-down) is still 2008’s Magazines EP. It’s more reckless and ruthless, but still has that angular post-punk sound. I actually can’t find of of the songs off of Magazines on Youtube, but if have a chance to get your hands on that gem, by all means do what it takes.

FANTASTIC NEWS ALERT: White Lung will be playing SF at Bottom of the Hill on December 7th! (With garage rock unit Turbo Fruits, to boot.) Yes. You’re welcome.

One comment on “Noisegasm: White Lung

  1. TommyTopHat
    April 23, 2013

    Woo, you got interviewed? 😀

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