Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB Radio #19: Where Next, Columbus?

DJ Ashtray and I spin female fronted punk from around the world between ear-killing mic feedback, rants about Columbus, and self-defense tips for women. Stream or download the whole damn thing here at Radio Valencia.

Check the playlist:

Naked Aggression- In the Night
Striking- Self-Defense for Women (PSA)
Red Cross- Standing in Front of Poseur
The Gits- Insecurities
The Dishrags- Carry On
Milkhouse- No Podras
Schematix- Nothing Special
Castration Squad- Sheila
Post Mortem- Casualty
Plasmatics- Concrete Shoes
Potential Threat- Animal Abuse
NJF- Sitting Pretty!
Rubella Ballet- Me
The Measure- Sum of All Things
Morbid Opera- Madness
The Nixe- Boring City
Chalk Circle- Easy Escapes
Nikki, Jen, Rueben- New Terror Story
Love It or Leave It- Poor Boy
The Pandoras- She’s Ugly
Screaming Females- Boyfriend
Mydolls- 21st Century Compliments
The Bags- Bag Bondage
Au Pairs- We’re So Cool
Neo Boys- WW2
Maestros and Dipsos- Inertia
Les Calamites- Nicolas
Partners in Crime- I Wanna Drive You
Life Cycle- Face to the Ground
Chin Chin- Proud Soldiers
Lunachicks- The Baby
Ruggedly Annes- Hollow Heroes
Penadas Por La Ley- Juan
Conflict- Crawl Away
The Nuns- Savage
Action Pact- Suicide Bag
The Comes- Medium
Lost Kids- Alle Taler
Crass- Where Next Columbus?
Bizkids- Captivity
The Brat- Attitudes
Penetration- Money Talks
The Ovens- Figure Skating
Phobia- Pretend You’re Not Crazy
Bush Tetras- Snakes Crawl
S.I.B.- My Secret Life

“Supergroup” was obvs the word we couldn’t think of.

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