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Arts Bombast: David Markey

David Markey is basically a punk-rock Renaissance Man. He is a member of one of my all-time-favorite bands Sin 34, director of the ridiculously excellent Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, and documentary photographer of the early LA / SST Recs scene.

[Mood of Defiance]

[Oh, D. Boon!  ♥]

[Mike Watt + chick from Red Cross + Rollins!]


The book Party With Me Punker, a collection of Markey’s photographs from the early ’80s LA punk scene, was SUPPOSED to be released this year, but apparently Ecstatic Peace went under and I haven’t heard anything since. Good thing I didn’t pre-order it… OH WAIT I FUCKING DID. Bastards. I hope the project stays alive, because I always need more Mike Watt, Raymond Pettibon, and Black Flag on my coffee table.

2 comments on “Arts Bombast: David Markey

  1. jj
    September 6, 2012

    Well, you will be happy to learn that Markey’s book is alive and well and coming out this month as “We Got Power!” published by Bazillion Points. http://www.bazillionpoints.com/we-got-power-hardcore-punk-scenes-from-1980s-southern-california-by-david-markey-and-jordan-schwartz/

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      September 7, 2012

      WHAT THE WHATTT this is the best news ever. I need “We Got Power!” and the book “What Are You Doing Here?” on their site looks pretty fucking amazing as well. Thanks for the tip!

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