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Lit Bombast: The Best of Punk Magazine

Exciting news! (Not for real punks as much as punk-history-nerds like myself, but whatever.) The legendary Punk Magazine is coming out with a “Best Of” book at the end of this year. Punk Magazine was founded in 1975 (you heard me) in New York and published a handful of super-influential issues until they went under in ’79.

The “Best Of” catalog will feature high-quality reprints of early material (HELLO, punk photo comics!) rare and unreleased interviews/art/writing, and a few new contributions from editor-in-chief / legit cartoon artist John Holmstrom, not to mention titans like Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Lester Bangs, Lenny Kaye (who called into my radio show one time!) and Andy Warhol. Pre-order that shit RIGHT HERE and make room on the coffee table.

It comes out on December 18th. Merry Christmas / Happy Birthday to me, eh?

One comment on “Lit Bombast: The Best of Punk Magazine

  1. visualvitriol
    July 26, 2012

    Hella fun from the East Coast history bins! This will be as devoured as the Search and Destroy reprints years ago! Thanks for the alert!!!

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