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Noisegasm: (New New New) Patti Smith

Last night Patti Smith‘s new track “April Fool” finally leaked on YouTube. The song is the third track on her upcoming album “Banga,” which will feature Tom Verlaine (yay!), Smith’s kids, and long-time guitarist Lenny Kaye.

Fun story about Lenny Kaye, by the by: When I used to DJ in Santa Barbara (I must’ve been 19 or 20) I once played this bizarre and obscure duet between Lizzy Mercier Descloux and Patti Smith once late at night. I got a call at the station. “What are you doing playing this song?” I said, “I know, it’s super weird. I’ll play something catchy/dancy next!” The voice then revealed this: “No! I love this song. I just only know a handful of people who have even heard of it. My name is Lenny, and I play with Patti Smith. Have since the ’70s. Nice to meet you.”

WTFFF. Anyway, I looked it up after that, and apparently he lives in Santa Barbara. One of my greatest radio moments for sure. Okay, sorry, song time:

If you’re into it, you can pre-order Banga here.
Thoughts on the song, anyone? If anything, Patti is ever a poet.

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