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Arts Bombast: Max Natkiel

I’m on a serious photography kick right now. And I’m ALWAYS on a ‘70s kick. And a punk kick. (Too many kicks?) Anyway, photographer Max Natkiel is fitting the bill of what I need in my life pret-ty perfectly right now. Check out these incredible portraits, and scroll down to read more about ‘em.

In 1980, Natkiel started documenting underground youth subcultures by photographing the weirdos who frequented the Paradiso- a hippie-haven turned seedy punk club (sometime in the mid-’70s?). He focused on portraits outside the club and captured the raw alienation of his generation. He also made a book with these photos, called Paradiso Stills, which is out-of-print and probably only costs about $$millions$$. He ALSO took a shit-ton of photos of super young kids at the club, but I felt awkward and exploitive posting those. Even though they’re awesome. So you can go HERE to check them out.

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