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Noisegasm: 3 Songs About Shavin’

Well, here’s something for you. I was listening to Lucille Bogan’s classic, “Shave ‘Em Dry,” and although no one could possibly be disappointed by that song, I thought I remembered it actually having something to do with shaved, ahem… lady parts. Not so, though. (It’s actually much more inappropriate than that!) So then I was sad for a minute. But THEN, I thought, wait, I DO know a song about shaved lady parts! And I was like, “Cool, all is right with the world.” But then I thought of another… and another… and now I just feel like I need to share my discovery.

Fad Gadget- Lady Shave (a longtime fav from my youth!)

Crass- Shaved Women (a fantastic political message: Fuck fascist conformity!)

Huggy Bear- Shaved Pussy Poetry (Feminist ramblings.)

These are the sort of awkward things I think about when I’m on my lunch at work.

One comment on “Noisegasm: 3 Songs About Shavin’

  1. Moses Marsh
    May 12, 2012

    Ain’t nothin’ else in music like Lucille Bogan laughing from out-filthying herself. Anyway, smash the patriarchy.

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