Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

RAB Radio #4 Podcast

Download the latest edition of Radio Valencia‘s Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio RIGHT HERE. See the playlist below. I swear the technical difficulties of the first 5 minutes don’t persist. You can find the rest of my podcasts on this main podcast page thing. DE NADA.

Crass- Women
Ultimo Resorte- Hogar, Dulce Hogar
Plasmatics- Want You Baby
The Lust- I’m Annoyed
Lepers- Flipout
Squits- Porno Pirate
Honey Bane- Porno Grows
Bratmobile- Cool Schmool
Lucrate Milk- Fucking Pacifist
Mr. Kite- Exit B9
Androids of Mu- Bored Housewife
Chicks on Speed- Yes I Do
Vice Squad- Saturday Night Special
LiLiput- Hitch-Hike
Nasty Facts- Drive My Car
Partners in Crime- I Wanna Drive You
The Particles- Driving Me
XL Capris- My City of Sydney
The Brat- Leave Me Alone
Vital Disorders- Let’s Talk About Prams
The Outfits- I Hope I’m Gay
No Thanks- Fuck Everything
Legal Weapon- Hostility
Sacrilege- Dig Your Own Grave
The Slits- Instant Hit
The Take- Summer
Joyce McKinney Experience- Armchair Critic
I Object- Feeding Off Ourselves
NJF- Sitting Pretty
DxCxRx- Living Crusher
The Nuns- You Think You’re the Best
Mo-Dettes- Bitta Truth
Neo Boys- WW2
Accident- True Detective
XXY Lemond- Plastic Bag
The Bags- We Don’t Need the English
Mood of Defiance- American Love Song
Inner Conflict- We’re Still Pissed
Mystery Girls- Ego
The Measure- Please Stop Calling
Art Bears- Democracy

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