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Arts Bombast: Jad Fair

Jad Fair is certainly best known for founding the ’70s/’80s alt-rock group Half Japanese. The lo-Fi, DIY sounds of Half Japanese are one of those things… that are good because they’re bad.

So yeah, listen to HJ, whatever. BUT. Possibly even better than Half Japanese, is the fact Jad Fair makes art. Weird, whimsical art in the form of paper cuttings. The paper cuttings are sometimes simple, sometimes intricate, and always (I’m just gonna say it) adorable. I don’t know that I have ever liked art that I would classify as “adorable” other than Jad Fair’s paper cuttings. They reflect the same primitive, unsophisticated aesthetic that Half Japanese radiates. I especially love these paper cuttings of iconic albums, with drawings over them:

Also, a bunch of his art features aliens, skeletons, and animals. ALWAYS a good thing.

Fun fact: According to his website, Jad Fair will record a custom song for or about you for $300. Start poolin’ the money folks- my 26th birthday is January 4th, 2013.

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