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Noisegasm: The Monochrome Set

Best news ever: Post-punk league of awesome The Monochome Set is in the midst of recording a new album, for release in April 2012. I was so thrilled to read this, even though new material from ’70s bands general disappoints. At worst, we’ll probably get something a little Adam and the Ants-esque (whom the Monochome Set has unfortunate ties to from many years ago.) At best, we might get the kind of album the Fall puts out every couple years- nothing to flip your shit over, but I’m def not complaining. Not to mention, RESPECT for releasing solid music for over 30 years.

This is my favorite song by The Monochrome Set. It means the Symphony of Horror.

I seriously don’t understand why they’re not as big as the Fall or the Smiths or Joy Division or whoever.

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