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RAAB Radio #55: A Rainy Waste of Time in SF

grace jones wedding dress [Grace Jones’ wedding dress, part of an exhibition on postmodernism at the VAM.]

As you probably know by now, I spend (nearly) every Saturday night from 10pm-midnight DJing a radio show in San Francisco.  This week, it was raining and although I didn’t want to leave my house to go to the studio, I sucked it up and brought some really weird shit: songs about rain, songs about wasting time, Rihanna/Lydia situation, weird ’70s samples followed by intense hxc, some good/bad metal, ’60s girl groups, and lots of non-punk in general bc I’m a sell-out. THANK GOD for Crass who eventually saved the day. Stream the show below.

Or if you’re easily bored like me, and you’d rather skip around rather than listen to the whole 2 hours, you can download the show right here.  (Also the link to check out the particularly entertaining chatbox convos from last week’s show.)

fabulous stains 2[Diane Lane as Corrine Burns in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, 1982.]

Play list for the night:

Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head
Grace Jones- Walking in the Rain
Ann Peebles- I Can’t Stand the Rain
The Raincoats- You’re a Million
Carole King- It Might as Well Rain Until September
Ruth’s Refrigerator- Gosh, What A Lot of Umbrellas
Twa Toots- Please Don’t Play “A Rainy Night in Georgia”
Randy Crawford- A Rainy Night in Georgia
Rihanna vs. Lydia Lunch- Umbrella / Why We Murder
Crass- Dry Weather

Destroy All Monsters- From the Edgar Cayce Foundation
Rape Revenge- Illusion of Property
Alptraum Gmbh- Herzschrittmacher
Suburban Lawns- Janitor
Red Scare- Streetlife
Flirt- Degenerator
Alley Cats- Too Much Junk
Hysteria- Silent Hate
Young Marble Giants- Zebra Trucks
Big in Japan- Taxi
Spider Heart- Little Doll
Brabrabra- The Lack of God

Naked Aggression- Don’t Waste My Time
The Daughters of Eve- Don’t Waste My Time
The Fabulous Stains- Waste of Time
Turncoats- Waste of Time

Rhythm And The Method- Insight
Vice Squad- Humane
Malibu Barbi- When Lightning Strikes
As Mercenarias- Panico
The Comes- Panic
Anima Mundi- Identify
Chrys Alice- Qu’ Est C’ Que J Deviens Dans Tout Ca
Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Larousse Baron Bic
Pink Section- Francine’s List
Las Ultrasonicas- Que Grosero
No Thanks- Fuck Everything
Log-A-Rhythms- Coffee
U.X.A.- Immunity

ann peebles umbrella [Ann Peebles.]

We’ll be back next Saturday with a special Valentine’s Day edition of Ribbon Around a Bomb radio!

2 comments on “RAAB Radio #55: A Rainy Waste of Time in SF

  1. SiouxsieSuitcase
    February 13, 2014

    Lydia Lunch and Rihanna? That’s weird.
    Chrys Alice is one of the best names for a band ever.

  2. kevin hubbard
    February 26, 2014

    “Scumbag” by Pink Kross kicks ass. Are you familiar with an Italian punk/riot grrrl band by the name Captiva Bambina? I’m sure I have the name wrong, but I bought the album years ago, and it has a woman in an one piece bikini, striped, on the album cover. The two songs I dug most were “In My Memory” and “I Will Always Love You”. Thanks.

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