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Lit Bombast: Savage Messiah

Savage Messiah was a gritty and gloomy fanzine straight from the streets of London via the brain of Laura Oldfield Ford. Although it was created in the oughts (hell, is that a thing?), the aesthetics of SM seem to reflect the dread and nihilism of 1976 more than 2006. In other words, I’m on board.

savage messiah cover

savage messiah 2

savage messiah 5

savage messiah 4

savage messiah 3

Am I right? The starkness, the desolation, the black + white… it just slays me.

Savage Messiah just so fucking happens to have been collected into a book recently, which you and I can purchase at Verso and add it to the ridiculous pile of unconventional coffee table books that I’m already hoarding.

One comment on “Lit Bombast: Savage Messiah

  1. Bani Amor
    March 19, 2013

    What great art/layout

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