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RAB Radio #32 and #33


Hallelujah, there are two new Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio podcasts uploaded on Radio Valencia for your listening pleasure! #32- Snakes Crawl is a legit-per-usual assortment of female-fronted punk, including some songs about snakes for the Chinese New Year.

rab roxy

For #32, we played:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Penadas por la Ley- Manotas
Wartburgs Fur Walter- More More Anymore
The Horny Bitches- Necro Maniac
Vktms- A Woman Scorned
7 Year Bitch- No Fucking War
The Yeastie Girlz- You Suck
Wrong Kind of Stone Age- Run Amok
Bomb Shell- Condescending Boy
Kamala and the Karnivores- Bone Bouquet
Household- Desperate Times
Conflict- Listen to the Noise
Beyond Pink- Let’s Go Backwards
Glass Torpedoes- Someone Different
The Pandoras- Feels So Good Inside
45 Grave- Dream Hits II
Westside Lockers- Fucshia Rayon
Johanna Went- Bad End
Pink Chanpagne- Sondagsskolehyckel
Bush Tetras- Snakes Crawl
Bow Wow Wow- Where’s My Snake
Noun- Snakes
The No-Talents- Bondage Boy
X-Ray Spex- Cigarettes
Wunderbach- Raya
Wayne County and the Back Street Boys- Max Kansas City 1976
DIRT- Lunacy
Pretty Fury- Orphan
White Lung- Backhouse
The Ettes- A Conversation
Androids of Mu- Fast Car
Cheap Perfume- Ordinary Girls
East Coast Panic- All You
The Dishrags- Carry On
Blitzkrieg- Szene
Au Pairs- Monogamy
Bärchen Und Die Milchbubis- Egal
Combat Not Conform- Keep Your Head
Mag and the Suspects- Erection
Swoons- My Grandpa is Joey Ramone
Big in Japan- Goodbye

rab girl gang

#33- Valentino is a real gem- it’s our Valentine’s Day themed show, and features not only love songs and anti-love songs, but also some super-uncomfortable love stories from your hosts, La Lengua and DJ Ashtray. We talk about dates gone oh-so-wrong, childhood crushes, and awkward sex moments. (Like that time Ash’s friend vag-bled all over some dude.) And, sad day in Ribbon Around a Bomb history- Ash crushes every dyke’s dream by revealing on air that I’m not in fact gay. Listen up!

rab alice bag pleasant gehman

For #33, we played:

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
Sin 34- Only Love
Amy and the Angels- I Hate Being in Love
The Continental Co-Ets- I Don’t Love You No More
The Dishrags- I Don’t Love You
Cat Fight- Not in Love
Kamala and the Karnivores- Love Like Murder
Lucrate Milk- I Love You Fuck Off
Gymslips- Love’s Not the Answer
Crass- Smother Love
Romeo Void- Loves an Illness
Y Pants- Loves a Disease
Ciccone Youth- Addicted to Love
45 Grave- Bad Love
Animals and Men- Bad Lover
Travelling- Part II Less Than True Love
The Raincoats- In Love
Au Pairs- Love Song
Chin Chin- Love Song
The Nixe- Love Song
Family Fodder- Love Song
Anti-Scrunti Faction- Another Love Song
Vice Squad- Latex Love
Penetration- Lover of Outrage
Rubella Ballet- Love Life
As Mercenarias- Amor Inimigo
Plasmatics- Dream Lover
Sperma- Please Love Me Tonight
The No-Talents- My Lovermobile
Sub Verse- Chance Romance
The Stripes- Weekend Love
Whoom Elements- Of Love
The Comes- I Love You
Nikki and the Corvettes- Back Seat Love
Algebra Suicide- True Romance at the World’s Fair
Mensen Blaffen- Chagrin D’amour
The Bags- In Love with Romance
Vs.- Magnetic Hearts
Hagar the Womb- True Love and Faith
Unknown Gender- Valentino


One comment on “RAB Radio #32 and #33

  1. TommyTopHat
    February 22, 2013

    Dear goodness, I have yet to listen to any of those bands! (Apart from 45 Grave.) I feel I must now wear the Hat of Shame as penance. 😛 Still, these should keep me occupied for a good while…

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