Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core


The latest installation of Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio is here, folks. And it’s glorious. We did a 2-hour set of all female-fronted Japanese punk, indie, DIY, noise, garage, experimental and more! If you couldn’t tell, I’m on a J-kick this week. Stream or download the show RIGHT HERE, and check out our playlist below. If anyone has recommendations for themes (regional, era, topic, whatever) for a future show, sound off in the comments. And tune in to our next show this Saturday from 10pm-midnight on Radio Valencia!

rab kyah

[Singer from Kyah!]

キャ→ [Kyah!]- Slapdash
Kokeshi Doll- Koyubi
Sheena and the Rokkets- Omae Ga Oshi
The Comes- 究極
Mr. Kite- Exit B-9
ゴメス [Gomess]- 地獄へ
PTAs- Obsession
Melt-Banana- Pierced Eye
Brain Death- Personal Affair
無理心中 [Muri Shinjuu]- Shikyuu
Gas- World Peace
NoN BaNd- Dance Song
Beardsley- Summer Holiday
Zelda- [Japanese Title]
Mizutama Shobodan- A Loving Frog on the Chopping Block
Nurse- ナ-ス
Geil- Fat
Buffalo Daughter- No New Rock
Sperma- Please Love Me Tonight
The’s- Gerupin Rock
New Walls- No Creation
Boredoms- Teenage Bondage
Softball- Status
Typhus- [Japanese Title]
Shonen Knife- A Day of the Factory
OXZ- Be Run Down
Lolita No. 18- Punk Rock Terrorist
Virgin Rocks- Get Along with You
Warriors- Born to Ride
G-Schmitt- Holy Celebration
Rap- Accident
Chance Operation- Din
Masako-San- ô±öNɦ
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her- Sentimental Journey

rab nurse


How great was DJ Ashtray’s self-defense tangent?

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