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In the Mood For… Artists as Consumers

And now for something completely different. Yesterday I talked about the evils of capitalism and consumerism. Today, I want to share a fantastic feature that NME did back in the 80’s called, “Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer.”

Some really legit people contributed the short-lived feature. The idea behind “Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer” was just to get straight lists of what kind of shit (books, comedians, mottos, music, whatever) the person was into at the time. It really humanizes musicians that a lot of people over-admire to the point of idoaltry. Like, “Oh you’re an obsessive Morrissey fan? Well Morrissey is an obsessive ________ fan.”

In addition to good things, folks like Nick Cave had a “deathlist” and Lydia Lunch shared her “hates.” What I love about the whole set up is that, okay, no, you’re not going to get some detailed, profound thought. But I think people’s consumption habits say a lot about them. And this is a quick, no-bullshit way to instantly share content. When it’s from someone I respect, well that’s fun and interesting, and it makes me want to google things from the lists that I don’t know about. Hoards of cool stuff for later, you know?

In the spirit of fun and consumerism, I even wrote a “Portrait of La Lengua as a Consumer” about myself. Enjoy:

Books: (currently reading or recently purchased)
I Remember More
Stone Butch Blues
We Got Power
Fuck You: A Magazine of Arts
The New Fuck You
House of Leaves

Musix: (right now)
Dinosaur L
No Bone
The Outcasts
Wanda Jackson
Minor Threat

El Rio (SF)
Bender’s (SF)
3300 Club (SF)
Knockout (SF)
Blackbird (Alburquerque)
Matador (Santa Fe)
American Bar (Gallup)

Diet Coke

Black chelsea boots
Liquid eyeliner
Nooworks dresses
DIY jackets
Black tights (AD/ED.)

Rez dogs
All dogs

Tom Waits
Stuff about babies and kids
Cultural appropriation of Navajo designs
That annoying Mumford and stuff band
Most of TX

The moral of the story? Consume, I guess. But in doing so support underground artists, weird old films, independent record stores, and small local businesses. Not Target or Walmart or malls and department stores.

4 comments on “In the Mood For… Artists as Consumers

  1. TommyTopHat
    February 22, 2013

    House of Leaves! 😀 Fantastic book! I once tried to read the author’s other book, Only Revolutions, but failed miserably. Someday I shall succeed, however!

    This list idea seems really groovy. I’d love to know what my favourite artists buy. I’d say I’d probably be surprised. A lot of stuff I’m into pretty much contradicts my personality completely. Somehow, I love Throbbing Gristle despite being the innocent out of my friends. And then there’s my obsession with childrens’ cartoons…

    Books: Haven’t had the chance to read much because of exams, but I read a few Richard Brautigan stories when I can. Also I was given some weird Japanese novel as a present recently.
    Music (currently): Klaus Nomi, TG, The Residents, Aurelio Voltaire, Emilie Autumn, NIN, Aphex Twin, Skinny Puppy, Diamanda Galas.
    Bars: Only ever been to one in my life so far. My friends insisted on bringing me to one after I turned 18.
    Beverages: Lemonade, Koppaberg, hot chocolate.
    Wear: Top hat, poet shirt (black), and these two really pretty dresses I got recently (the first I ever got to purchase and try on in a changing room, actually- they feel so good).
    Other: Edward Gorey (it’s his birthday today), comics and animation, fingernails, eyeballs in top hats, cyberpunk, minimalism, Serial Experiments Lain.
    Death List: People who are ignorant about gender, my horrible all-boys’ school, dogs (they terrify me), cheese.

    • ribbonaroundabomb
      February 22, 2013

      Ugh why are you so wonderful?? You should not be at a restrictive “all boys school” but be in San Francisco- the most genderqueer-friendly city in the world!

      +1 Residents, Galas, Gorey, nails and minimalism!

      Children’s cartoons, eh? Have you ever watched Adventure Time? It’s pretty much fantastic!

      • TommyTopHat
        February 22, 2013

        Thank you for your kindness. 😀 I really wish I could visit San Francisco someday. From what I have heard, it sounds amazing. At the moment I’m stuck in a small town in Ireland though, which isn’t a great place to be if you’re genderqueer. Still, when I came out to my friends they were all extremely supportive and okay with it. 😀 Thankfully, I only have a few months of school left, and then it’ll all be over.

        A good many people seem to adore Adventure Time, so I really need to start watching it. The art looks brilliant…

  2. SiouxsieSuitcase
    March 23, 2014

    Ugh, looking back at my comments I’m embarrassed at some of the stuff I used to be into just a year ago. 😛 I’m glad I got out of my top hats and NIN phase.

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