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Noisegasm: Bush Tetras

Best news ever: Bush Tetras has a new (old) album out that was released TODAY! Happy is a “lost” Bush Tetras record that was stuck in label-limbo for 15+ years. And, get this: it was produced by none other than Don Fleming (No relation. / …Ew now the internet knows my last name.)

[RIP, Laura.  Photo by Lisa Genet.]

[Photo by Lisa Genet.]

Here is the track “Trip” from the album:

And a live video of “Too Many Creeps” for good measure:

To appropriate a Lunchian phrase, Pat Place “rocks my cock.”

[Photo by Lisa Genet.]

I highly suggest ordering Happy directly from ROIR– they usually send me cool shit like stickers and buttons when I order from them. Plus they’re good people, probably unlike whoever runs Amazon. Supporting local record stores is cool too, obvs.

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