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San Francisco: Good/Upcoming Shows

Fact: Lots of good (mostly punk) bands are playing in the Bay Area soon. I’m both boring and broke, so I unfortunately can’t attend all of these. Which ONE to choose, though? (Click on the band name for a song by ’em, and the venue name for ticket infoz.)

This Friday- Refused + Sleigh Bells at the Fox Theater.

Tuesday- Lightning Bolt at Rickshaw. Or my friend’s band, Cool Ghouls, at the Knockout.

Wednesday- Ceremony + Fucked Up at Slim’s.

Thursday- This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb at Thee Parkside.

Friday- Defeater at Gilman.

Saturday- Adicts at Slim’s.

Sunday- Vibrators at Blank Club (all the way in San Blow-se.)

Next next Monday- Swans + Xiu Xiu at Regency Ballroom or Blondie + Devo at the Warfield.

Seriously though… WHICH ONE? Also, Fiona Apple is an option.

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