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In the Mood For… Tarot Cards

Yes, apparently cards are my “thing” this week, since yesterdayish I posted about Mark Motherbaugh’s illustrated postcards. Some of my favorite tarot cards:

Definitely the two best sets of tarot cards are: the ones designed by Salvador Dali. (Obviously, right? He did the first death one, the second high priestess one, and the hanged man.) Oh, and HEYYY they’re only $350, nbd, totally. Also: Cool zombie tarot cards for slightly less.

While we’re on legit cards, can I just mention Lotería cards? (Yes, I can.) Here:

I may or may not have more card-related ideas in the coming days. (I get a little obsessed with themes. You’d think there would be a limit, like say, when my themes reached a certain level of being INCREDIBLY BORING, such as “cards.” …But no.)

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