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RAB Radio #10 Podcast: Sorry I Bled All Over Your Ikea Furniture

Ribbon Around a Bomb Radio is a my pirate radio show, broadcasting out of SF’s Mission district via Radio Valencia 87.9-FM. I play all female-fronted punk and post-punk, with the occasional experimental, indie, hxc, etc. song. You can either listen live (Saturdays midnight-2am pacific) OR download/stream the podcasts.

A new edition of RAB radio featuring my old friend Moses and I catching up and being weird over SFPRIDE weekend is now up and available for free download RIGHT HERE.

Here’s what we played:

Ludus- Breaking the Rules
Sperma- Please Love Me Tonight
Blackfire- Overwhelming
Kleenex- Ain’t You
The Sputz- I Won’t
Las Ultrasonicas- No quiero un novio
Huggy Bear- No Sleep
The Bags- Violent Girl
Teddy and the Frat Girls- Alophen
Blessed Noise- Puta Sociedad
Frightwig- Punk Rock Jail Bait
The Stripes- Tell Me Your Name
Suburban Lawns- Gidget Goes to Hell
Sin 34- Join the Race
Vice Squad- Still Dying
pragVEC- Wolf
Secta Suicidia Siglo 20- Virginidad Sucudida
Launderettes-Porn Star
The Ovens- Sorry I Bled All Over Your Ikea Furniture
Neo Boys-Never Comes Down
Anorexia- I’m a Square
Blutsterz- Schweigan
Phyhakoulu- Painajainen
Au Pairs- Cum Again
The’s- Come See Me
Chalk Circle- Subversive Pleasure
Gore Gore Girls- So Sophisticated
Rutto- Paha, Kuolema
Dawn Patrol- What My Gonna Do
The Brat- Swift Moves
The Cramps- Sheena’s in a Goth Gang
Living Sacrifice- Mentalsjuk
The ‘B’ Girls- Who Says Girls Can’t Rock?
Bush Tetras- You Taste Like the Tropics
Anti-Scrunti Faction- Slave to My Estrogen
VKTMS- Hard Case
Big in Japan- Big in Japan
Red Aunts- Alright
Blondie- Rip Her to Shreds
The Outfits- I Hope I’m Gay

One comment on “RAB Radio #10 Podcast: Sorry I Bled All Over Your Ikea Furniture

  1. ubum
    September 29, 2012


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