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RAB Radio #5 Podcast: Mommi I’m a Misfit

I’m a little late in posting it, but this was the “Mother’s Day Edition” of RAB Radio. It was pretty fantastic that my mom actually tuned in live, and that I did the whole show sober as my very special Mother’s Day gift to her. I also dedicated some songs about moms for her in the first set before she had to go to bed. (The show airs live midnight-2am, so falling asleep is legit.) Download the whole show RIGHT HERE.

Minor Disturbance- Skate for Pretty
Tragics- Mommi I’m a Misfit
Conflict- Living Off Mom
Mother’s Ruin- Dreamy Teeny
Slutever- Teen Mom
Ludus- Mother’s Hour
Anti-Scrunti Faction- Slave to My Estrogen
Useless Children- Leave Us Alone
The Brat- Leave Me Alone
The Bastards- Impossibilities
Finally Punk- Boyfriend Application
Burning Kitchen- Impact
Fastbacks- See and Say
Sara Goes Pop- Arab O Habab of Arabia
Apatia No- Ya Basta
Vice Squad- Humane
As Mercenarias- Loucos Sentimentos
La Fraction- Allez
Expelled- No Life, No Future
Young Marble Giants- Brand New Life
Burning Witches- I Hate Your Guts
Dominatrix- Die Die
Essential Logic- Aerosol Burns
Dolly Mixture- Welcome to the Perfect Day
Frigidettes- Turmoil
Toxic Shock- Riot Riot Riot
The Slits- Shoplifting
Inflatable Boy Clams- Marin
Blowdriers- Berkeley Farms
The Avengers- The American in Me
Chute de Esperma- No Keremos
Bikini Kill- Carnival
Charol- Sin Dinero
Anorexia- Pets
Au Pairs- Kerb Crawler
The Photos- Skateboard
Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Decryptated
DZK- Juventude
Petticoats- Paranoia
Delta 5- Circuit
New Walls- No Creation
Kamikatze- Knit and Thrash
M’n’M’s- I’m Tired
Namenlos- Nazis
Reversible Cords- Straight
The Puke- Happy Family
Y Pants- Off the Hook
Lydia Lunch- Mechanical Flattery

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