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Noisegasm: Club Foot

Club Foot was an offbeat showspace operating in SF’s Bayview district from 1980-1986. It played host to some of the Bay Area’s most bizarre acts in the ’80s (Inflatable Boy Clams, anyone?) and even drew my favorite fucked-up-noise-heroine, Lydia Lunch. Art-rockers, avant-garde jazz groups, punks, virtuoso, DIY… all of it was welcome at Club Foot.

Oh, the things you will find on the internetz. Last week, I came across this incredibly weird compilation of Dadaist jazz from the Club Foot scene. The best part about this comp, of course, is that you can download it for $FREE right here.

Note: This is not punk, or post-punk, or pop… This is some straight-up experimental, DIY jazz. I like to think of it as jazz made by new wavers and punks. Def not for the people with short attention spans, those who are easily annoyed, or jazz connoisseurs. In fact, I can’t really think of many people at all who will “enjoy” this. Which may be the most effective plug I can make to get some of you true weirdos to go download this crazy, inaccessible shit stat.

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