Ribbon Around A Bomb

Femme Avant-core

In the Mood For… RAB Outlaw Radio!

Ribbon Around a Bomb is now officially also a radio program hosted by La Lengua and broadcasting live from San Francisco’s Mission district via pirate station Radio Valencia. Tune in every Saturday night from midnight-2 AM for all female-fronted punk and post-punk, with a few other femme-y oddities and aggression thrown in to the mix.

The playlist is copied below, and you can also totally listen to the PODCAST (obviously by clicking on the giant rendition of “podcast.”)

Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition # 1 Tracks:

1. As Mercenárias – Pânico
2. Whorehouse Of Representatives – Society’s Trap
3. X- Nausea
4. Anorexia – Rapist In The Park
5. The Fastbacks – Someone Else’s Room
6. Slutever- Sun Hot
7. Pariapunk -Double Face
8. Malaria!- Your Turn to Run
9. Conflict- Who Will
10. Elektroduendes- Desde la Rendija
11. Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Rosa Vertov
12. Bleached- Searching Through the Past
13. Cheeky- Two Face
14. Mo-Dettes- White Mice
15. Marine Girls -A Place In the Sun
16. Girls At Our Best!- Getting Nowhere Fast
17. Minor Disturbance- Skate for Pretty
18. 45 Grave- Black Cross
19. Family Fodder- Debbie Harry
20. Pylon- Stop It
21. Sado-Nation- Messed Up Mixed Up
22. Sort Sol (With Lydia Lunch)- Boy-Girl
23. Your Funeral- The Abyss
24. Talk Normal- Hot Song
25. Screaming Females- Boyfriend
26. The Nuns- Walking Beast
27. Abe Froman- I Got Sick of Waiting for You
28. Essential Logic- Music is a Better Noise
29. Destroy All Monsters – Bored
30. Lydia Lunch- Atomic Bongos
31. Dolly Mixture- Been Teen
32. The Gits- Absynthe
33. Crass- Systematic Death
34. Honey Bane- Girl on the Run
35. Au Pairs- Monogamy
36. The Brat- Attitudes
37. Androids of MU- Bored Housewives
38. Ut- Swallow
39. Petticoats- Allergy
40. Maximum Joy- Stretch
41. The Comes- Panic

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