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Noisegasm: Female Liberation Music

There’s a newish feminist site out the interwebz. It’s called Women’s Liberation Music Archive, and it kicks ass. WLMA features “Feminist Music-Making in the UK and Ireland, 1970-1990” and although it covers a multitude of genres, a huge focus is post-punk. This is an awesome site to discover new (old) music and become inspired by the social, political and artistic milieu that these women were a part of.

{Front cover of “Making Waves” compilation}

{Stepney Sisters on the cover of Dry Rib}

{Drastic Measures- Rock Against Sexism}

{Stef Petticoat / Petticoats}

{The Mistakes}

{The Deltones}


Still more fantastic news: Starting in September of 2012, there will be an accompanying exhibition entitled Music + Liberation, showing how “feminists used music as an activist tool to empower and entertain women in the 1970s and 1980s.” The exhibition will tour England at the end of the year. Unless by some mysterious twist of fate I find myself in London in December, I’ll just have to check out the photos. Can’t wait.

Petticoats- Paranoia

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