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Lit Bombast: Come to Our Show

Excuse me for a moment while I revel and geek the fuck out about this rad eBook of show flyers that was released last week. Curated by writer and audiophile Willona Sloan, the online “book” mainly features flyers from old school D.C. hardcore groups and Dischord bands. There are also flyers for Chicana/o punk shows, international shows (Misfits en Chile? ¡Sí, por favor!) and even a couple Bay Area shows (shout-out to 924 Gilman!) I LOVE that she chose to make the book (nearly) universally accessible from her website. Democratized media- how very punk of Sloan. Download all of Come to Our Show: Punk Show Flyers From D.C. to Down Under for $FREE stat.

I totally already printed off the “Freeze the Drug War” Sonic Youth / Fugazi / Geek flyer to post over my desk.

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