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In the Mood For… Life and Death

Life and Death might be a somewhat lofty topic to tackle for my first blog post.  But hell, I really need to say Happy Birthday to two of my favorite women, and Rest in Peace to an amazing bloke.

Exene Cervenka is a poet and member of LA-based cow-punk band X.  She is 56 today.

Sherilyn Fenn played Audrey Horne in David Lynch’s FLAWLESS TV series Twin Peaks. She might be my favorite sex symbol, even at age 47.

Mike Kelley was a key figure in Destroy All Monsters, a Detroit-based proto-punk band and arts collective. Destroy All Monsters was irreverent, debauched, primitive- all the elements necessary for being one of my favorite rock bands. Sadly, Kelley allegedly offed himself last night at age 57. He is the main author of the retro-obscuro-inspired Destroy All Monsters zines, and you can also find a ton of his contributions to the recently released art book, Destroy All Monsters: Return of the Repressed 1973-1977.  RIP, Mike- the world will miss your strange vision.

One comment on “In the Mood For… Life and Death

  1. Shawnte
    February 5, 2012

    Boxing Helena might have been where Sherilyn Fenn began the Occupy-My-Psyche movement.

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